Monday, September 8, 2008


Burnin' Updates:
  • Again, don't forget about the VMAs on MTV tonight. Read the post below for more info.

  • The boys will be making an appearance on Ellen tomorrow. Check your local listings for the time. Their appearance was pre-recorded.

  • You can now enter the Verizon contest for free online.

  • It has been mentioned everywhere how Nick was spotted going to teh recording studio the other day. Check it out on JustJared and GossipGirls.

  • There has been a ton of gossip going around about how Selena Gomez wrote a song, I'm Sorry, about Nick Jonas. However, it's been cleared up; the rumor is not true. Read:
    "It's definitely not about Nick Jonas," says Gomez, who is rumored to be dating Jonas. "It's about someone back home in Texas. When I read it, I was like, 'Oh no this gossip has to go away!' I haven't known the Jonas Brothers for that long, but I've gotten really close with all of them."

    Hey fans,
    Don't forget to tune in to the VMAs today! Here are the times:
    Red Carpet - 8PM EST
    VMAs - 9PM EST
    all on MTV

    More updates to come later!

    Radio Disney Top 30

    Jonas Brothers move down from number one! Check it:

    Burnin' Up - #2
    This is Me ft. Demi Lovato - #7
    Play My Music - #19

    That's it for this week! Keep on listening!

    Peace. Love. Jonas!


    MTV votes Jonas Brothers #2 on the most popular artists list. Boo yah! haha

    Burnin' Up places #5 on top ten most viewed music videos in the last 24 hrs. Keep watching and listening to support our boys!

    Peace. Love. Jonas!