Saturday, August 30, 2008


From Chris Brown's official website:
Chris is currently in the studio working on new music for the Jonas Brothers this week!
Lets see what hot banger they come up with!

JB will be on Ellen September 8th!
Set your countdown clocks for September 8th, when I kick off Season 6 from my new home on the Warner Bros. studio lot with my very special guest, Michelle Obama! Michelle will be here to discuss her husband Barack's historic campaign for President. The celebration continues with the hottest band in the world and the only brothers who are more popular than the Warners, The Jonas Brothers, who will perform their newest single "Love Bug" at a special outdoor concert just for me…and 2,000 of my closest friends! This will also be the first time my show is broadcast in High-Definition and you know what that means: HD naked Twister! It's gonna be the hottest season yet!

Ths Jonas Brothers actually made a scratch and sniff site!

Apparently, the Jonas Brothers were on a triple date on Thursday night. They were accompanied by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Kevin's girlfriend, Danielle. But don't get too sad yet, this news is not official.

New LTD!

Don't forget to watch the last Disney Channel games tonight at 8

jb blog + some videos

Latest blog from JB's myspace:

Friday, August 29, 2008
Variety's Power of Youth – Win Tickets to the Event!

We're proud to support Power of Youth and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® YOU can win tickets to the event! From now through September 25th, THREE lucky winners have the chance to win VIP tickets for themselves and 3 family members to Target Presents Variety's Power of Youth taking place in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 4th! Nine runners up will receive an exclusive Hollywood gift bag from the event.


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  • Also, a few new videos for you:

    1: JB posted a HQ version of the first episode of Band in a Bus.

    2: Living the Dream, "We're the Boss" - aired 08/29/08

    3: Newest Pepsi Smash webisode

    win a vacation with JB!

    win a vacation with JB!

    Do you want to go on vacation in the Bahamas and see the Jonas Brothers perform at Atlantis? I know I would! For more information read below:
    Innovative Program with Samsung Delivers Exclusive Jonas Brothers Music and Chance to Win Trip to Atlantis with Kevin, Joe and Nick

    BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Verizon Wireless announced today that it will give customers the gift of a lifetime of memories when it sends 40 lucky fans on vacation with the Jonas Brothers. Customers who purchase the Samsung Glyde™ or Verizon Wireless Juke™ by Samsung, register online and download V CAST Music with Rhapsody on their PCs will have the chance to be entered into a sweepstakes to win a trip to The Bahamas to see the Jonas Brothers perform at Atlantis, Paradise Island resort on Dec. 13, 2008. Customers can also enter for free and get more information at

    For more info, click here.
    [Thanks NJO//Mona!]

    Other updates:

  • Click here to see a news video of JB in New Jersy.

  • Perez Hilton has been posting a ton of gossip lately about JB. Read below for the latest...

    Spotted: Rumored girlfriend of Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, watching the Jonas Brothers concert in Camden, N.J., on Wednesday night from the sound board, where "friends" and family sit.

    Selena Was There Too!
    Not only was Joe's gal pal, country crooner Taylor Swift, at their show last night, but…

    Sources tell us that Nick Jonas' rumored girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was also at the Jonas Brothers concert in Camden, N.J., on Wednesday night.

    Awwww, young love!

    The Jonas Brothers just posted a new video on their YouTube account.

    Well, it seems like Joe's girlfriend, Taylor Swift, was feeling a little camera shy when the boys made this video.

    She didn't appear in it, but she was there!

    If you look closely, around the 5 second mark, you'll see Taylor's reflection, accidentally captured in the mirror of the boys' dressing room.

    Caught ya!

  • Alex from the band All Time Low is going to be Buzznet's host on the red carpet for the VMAs, and he wants some help! He wants to know who you think he should interview and what he should ask. Click here to leave him a comment; come up with an original question and maybe he'll ask the Jonas Brothers your question!

  • JustJared has also been posting about JB like crazy lately. Read below yet again...

    The Jonas Brothers Vote Verizon
    The Jonas Brothers team up with Verizon Wireless and Samsung to announce a contest to win a vacation with them, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

    The grand prize includes premium tickets to the private performance concert featuring the Jonas Brothers at Atlantis, Paradise Island, roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodation, car service, and $500 spending money.

    "The Jonas Brothers are clearly the hottest act in the nation, and this program makes dreams come true for some of our customers with the trip of a lifetime to Atlantis," said Ed Ruth, director of digital music for Verizon...

    Nick Jonas Has Words From The Wise
    Nick Jonas carries his book Words From The Wise, as he leaves the Trump International Hotel in New York City on Thursday.

    Nick and his brothers Kevin and Joe of The Jonas Brothers get mobbed by fans and even take some pictures!

    JoBros stayed on top of the Billboard Top 10 for a second week in a row despite a 72% drop in sales. Their album, A Little Bit Longer, sold 147,000 copies. The soundtrack to their Camp Rock movie dropped from No. 8 to No. 9.

    The Jonas Brothers Double Date
    Joe Jonas and rumored girlfriend, country superstar Taylor Swift, leave New York City hotspot Tao late Thursday night. The pair was accompanied by Joe's younger brother Nick Jonas and his rumored girlfriend, Disney sensation Selena Gomez.

    "Everyone looked really chummy," one spywitness said of the JoBros and their rumored lady loves.

    And get this, Taylor and Selena left Tao holding hands. Holding hands! Rumored girlfriends of the Jonas Brothers have to stick together!

    WHAT DO YOU THINK is going on here with Selena, Taylor and the JoBros — DOUBLE DATE or JUST MATES?

    UPDATE: It was a triple date! Kevin Jonas and his rumored girlfriend, Danielle, was there too!

  • It's been sort-of confirmed that Miley Cyrus' song 7 Things was written about Nick. Read an excerpt from this article below:
    While Ratner declined to reveal who exactly that ex is, he gave away a significant detail — perhaps inadvertently — that seems to confirm the song is about Nick Jonas. Cyrus recently admitted, after months of unconfirmed speculation, that she dated Jonas for two years.

    "She had me come out to her house," Ratner recalled. "She started showing me all of her personal items from under her bed that her ex-boyfriend gave her. So she pulled out his dirty socks and a bunch of photographs.

    "The necklace she's wearing in the video is the necklace he gave her," he said. "She's wearing his diabetes or medical necklace."

    **A note from me: All I have to say about all this gossip and all these rumors going around is...don't get too upset over them. Who knows if they're true, who knows if they're false. Just remember that the reason you're a fan of JB is because of the music. If that's not the reason you're a fan, then may need to have a look at your life :)
  • Friday, August 29, 2008

    scratch and sniff jonas

    scratch and sniff jonas

    Oh man.
    Remember the video JB posted to their Youtube a few days ago, where Joe made the "Scratch and Sniff" website. Well, here it is.
    All I gotta say is...WOW. Oh wow.

    One other thing...

  • JB will be on Ellen yet again, and will be performing Love Bug.
  • Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Camp Rock Premiere - Jonas Brothers - Seventeen

    Seventeen catches up with the Jonas Brothers at the Camp Rock premiere!

    For more great videos from Seventeen check out:

    More from the World of Seventeen:

    Jonas Brothers - Burning Up (DC Games Performance) SHQ

    Jonas Brothers perform Burning Up at the Disney Channel Games.

    This video was capped, then encoded by me. I do not own anything in this video. All media I post belongs to it's original owners. No copyright infringement is intended in any way.

    Catchy, fun and on to better things

    Jonas Brothers

    Set to follow in her footsteps are her closely linked pals the Jonas Brothers (including, if you keep up with the tabloids, her rumored ex-boyfriend.

    Back to School: School lunches and nutrition

    Jonas Brothers

    ... education reporter Km Wheeler's report. She continues our week long Back To School reports. Also get a chance to win tickets to The Jonas Brothers concert

    camp rock 2 PLOT RUMORS + do you want to be in J.O.N.A.S.?

    Thanks to Oceanup, here's some rumors about Camp Rock 2:

    IMDb rumored plot summary for Camp Rock 2. When Mitchie Torres [Demi Lovato] returns to Camp Rock, she's expecting a summer of romance, fun, and all about music. But instead she finds a summer full of drama.

    This summer Connect Three [Jonas Brothers] are all going to be spending time at Camp Rock. So Mitchie and Shane [Joe Jonas] have some dates. When [Tess Tyler [Meaghan Jette Martin] finds out, she is jealous..

    Caitlyn Geller's [Alyson Stoner] cousin, Connor [Joey Nieves] is the newbie to Camp Rock, and wants to fit in. Tess has a mischief plan involving Mitchie, Shane, and Connor.

    Tess promises Connor that he can hang out with her and her crew so he can be popular. The only thing he has to do is break up Mitchie and Shane.

    Connor thinks about the plan and gives in. When Caitlyn finds out that it's Connor's fault, Connor is in for a rude awaking. Tess turns on him to make him the bad guy, and Connor takes the blame. The story turns out good in the end, when the cast sings 'Rock On!'

    Also, visit this site for more info on how YOU can be in J.O.N.A.S. They have an address for you to send in your headshot and resume, plus some more info you should know. I'm pretty sure this is legit, so if you're interested, check it out!

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    Scratch and Sniff!

    Scratch and Sniff!

    Here's Joe being the funny guy again <3

    Hahaha hope you like it

    wow...joe may actually be a genius!

    wow...joe may actually be a genius!

    Here's a new video that was posted to JB's youtube yesterday:

    Scratch and Sniff Jonas

    Joe shares his new invention with Demi Lovato and his brothers!

    More updates to come later today!

    relly awards + still #1!

    relly awards + still #1!

  • Today ONLY you can vote for JB at the Relly Awards (for more info, read a few posts down). Click here to vote.

  • Billboard has an article about how the Jonas Brothers' third album is still at #1 for the second week. Click here to read, and below is a short excerpt:
    Despite a huge drop-off from the gaudy numbers it posted last week, the Jonas Brothers begin a second week at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with "A Little Bit Longer." The Hollywood set sold 147,000 units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan, 72% less than its debut total of 525,000.

  • Here's a new Living the Dream, that was never aired on TV:

    Credit: LuvintheJonasBoys