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Jonas Brothers Donate Their Little Bit Longer Suits To Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum

Can things get any better for the Jonas Brothers? They have three albums in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, including the soundtrack to “Camp Rock” and their new one, A Little Bit Longer, which debuted at #1. Plus, the boys — Joe, Nick and Kevin — have a legion of dedicated and loving teenage fans.

And now the boys can add style mavens and rock-and-roll all-stars to their list of this week’s achievements. This afternoon, while taking a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, the guys donated the three suits they wore on the cover of their smash album A Little Bit Longer to the museum.

Take a closer look at the suits (and the Jonas Brothers) after the jump!

The Jonas’ presented the suits to Jim Henke, vice president of the Rock Hall. The suits are part of the Right Here, Right Now! exhibit, which celebrates some of today’s hottest artists. And really, does it get any hotter than the Jonas Brothers?

They are the latest act to get a spot in the exhibit, which opened up earlier this summer and features memorabilia from artists and bands like Good Charlotte, Phantom Planet, John Mayer and Usher.

In addition to the Jonas Brothers’ suits, music fans can also check out Ryan Adams’ 1967 Gibson Southern Jumbo guitar and the dress that Paramore’s Hayley Williams wore in the “Emergency” video as well as on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour. Also on hand is the jumpsuit worn by Feist in the “1234″ video and Colbie Caillat’s acoustic guitar.

Review: The Jonas Brothers' A Little Bit Longer

The soulless critic in me wants to tear the eternally grinning Jonas Brothers apart, laying waste to those three tween magnets whose music is inexplicably beloved, annoyingly omnipresent and tirelessly promoted.

The guilty-pleasure-pop consumer in me has a little more difficulty lowering the boom — and no, it’s not because the Jonas Brothers are now sort-of neighbors with their recently purchased Westlake pad.

It’s because these tunes are so darned catchy. I understand that it’s all a matter of calculation — a spritz of synthesizer here, a dash of knee-weakening harmony there — but still, the JoBros are unquestionably pop music’s hottest commodity, having made a meteoric ascent.

That their third album, A Little Bit Longer, isn’t miserable is merely icing on the cake.

Producer John Fields (who oversaw the band’s 2007 self-titled sophomore effort) ladles a thick coat of slick, vaguely ’80s gloss over every song whether it’s called for or not, and brothers Joe, Nick and Kevin pen a dozen tunes that — love ’em or hate ’em, the guys do write most of their own material — underscore the peppy, fun-lovin’-high-school-Friday-night vibe felt at their concerts. Again, that’s expected.

Smartly mixing pulse-quickening rockers with bleeding-heart ballads, A Little Bit Longer rarely misses a step. The disc grates only during the overly earnest numbers — particularly the title track, an unfiltered dose of pathos, courtesy of Nick — when you can practically feel the JoBros standing over you, demanding that you cry. (Although I did appreciate that they tried to approximate a bit of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus for Got Me Goin’ Crazy.)

When the brothers actually allow themselves to cut loose (during the zippy Lovebug and the surprisingly stinging and curiously Hall & Oates-flavored Video Girl, for example), the Hanson comparisons are obvious to all but the most myopic JoBros fan. I don’t understand why the band fights comparisons to other, similar acts and insists it’s blazing a new trail. The brothers are just the latest heartthrobs to command the spotlight.

No great strides are made here, but the brothers claim that they’re in this music thing for the long haul. Once their target audience matures, snaps out of its Disney-induced trance and realizes just how much time has been spent worshiping these semi-talented, expertly packaged musicians, the Jonas Brothers will be fixtures at state fairs and amusement parks.

There simply won’t be half a million screaming young women to greet them — just ask the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block or 98 Degrees.

A scientific inquiry into the awesomeness of the Jonas Brothers

Even before the Jonas Brothers released their third album, "A Little Bit Longer," earlier this month, they had established themselves as "the hugest music sensation to hit the scene in decades," according to Chang.

"Their music is wholesome enough for kids to sing along to, feel-good enough for adults to find irresistibly catchy and still cool enough to top your iPod's most-played list," Chang determined.

These findings have been echoed by other experts. Kevin, Joe and Nick are "fantastalistic" musicians who "rock the stage" and "write amazing lyrics," according to Jessica, Kelly, Gretchyn, Molly, Casey, et al. "There's no doubt about it, the Jonas Brothers rock!" Rachelle declared.

The JBs even rock harder than the heavy-metal group Slipknot, Victoria has boldly asserted, although her revolutionary hypothesis (scrawled in black marker on posterboard decorated with hand-drawn stars) has not been validated independently. Additional research in this particular area is needed.


The aesthetically pleasing appearance of the Jonas Brothers, collectively and individually, and the general hormonal mayhem that their attractive physical attributes generate in fans (particularly those of the opposite sex) have contributed to the group's popularity in ways that cannot be overstated. That Kevin, Joe and Nick are cute is the unanimous verdict of researchers; the only subject of debate is precisely how cute this fraternal triad is.

The Jonas Brothers qualify as "uniquely crush-worthy," according to Kelly. In the same report, Casey found the JoBros to be "just plain hot," noting: "They all have amazing style. It's rock and roll and preppy at the same time. Oh, and they look so good in their tight skinny jeans!"

Jenna and Jacyln had direct contact with Kevin, Joe and Nick and found them to be "insanely cute."

Research published in the prestigious journal J-14 (Just for Teens) determined that the Jonas Brothers are the "hottest group," with a clear thermodynamic edge over Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco. Joe was deemed "hottest guy."

By way of summing up these sentiments nicely, We Love Jonas Brothers posed the no-brainer question: "Who wouldn't want to be the girl of their dreams?"


The unique relationship between the Jonas Brothers and their admirers further contributes to the hysteria-inducing unit's awesome aura. Researchers have detected a deep concern for their fans on the part of the JoBros, creating an emotional pull perceived as sincere by those in varying orbits of enchantment around this three-star system.

A rigorous analysis conducted by We Love Jonas Brothers summarized the situation thusly: "The Jonas Brothers love their fans."

"We saw how super-sweet they really are to fans!" a team of experts from Twist reported after witnessing firsthand a JoBros meet-and-greet at Disney World.

When they're onstage, Kevin, Joe and Nick routinely make eye contact with concertgoers, although internal tension bordering on jealousy has arisen when any given Jonas eyes a female aficionado who turns out to be holding up a sign for a different Jonas, according to a groundbreaking Tiger Beat item.

"The Jonas Brothers really are devoted to their fans," Tiger Beat declared. This finding was supported with compelling evidence: a photo of Nick backstage as he accepted a heart-shaped balloon from a young lady in Mexico. Despite the lame nature of the gift, Nick gamely wore an expression of incalculable gratitude.


Besides the factors outlined above, several other considerations are worth taking into account in any comprehensive assessment of the JoBros' appeal.

Their fame certainly was subject to no deleterious effects as a result of their recent appearance in "Camp Rock." In the aftermath of the Disney Channel movie, "the Jonas Brothers' success can only multiply," Teen stated, noting: "The flick has everything it needs to be a hit: great music, cool dance moves, a heart-warming story and, most importantly, Kevin, Joe and Nick."

The movie was declared "a definite can't-miss" in the pages of J-14, which predicted "Camp Rock" would become "the biggest phenomenon since High School Musical.' "An item in Twist went so far as to hint that the "HSM3"cast might be envious of their "Camp Rock" counterparts, because the Jonas Brothers and "Camp Rock" co-star Demi Lovato (also the opening act on the JoBros' Burning Up Tour) are exceedingly tight.

A strong work ethic has been another ingredient in the JBs' success. "They've been on the road since October, when they opened for Miley Cyrus on the Best of Both Worlds' tour, then immediately jumped onto their own headlining gig," according to the experts at Teen. "In the past year, the JBs have slept at home for just a week total!" CosmoGirl! Extra revealed.

The Jonas Brothers even have managed to make a virtue of their pratfalls. An eye-opening study in We Love Jonas Brothers confirmed: "They're human, too." In particular, Joe's alarmingly frequent onstage tumbles have become a source of endearment for untold numbers of admirers. "Joe makes clumsy look good and falling in public the new cool thing to do," Kelly stated.

The Jonas Brothers are awesome. Totally.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Joe has graduated! Yay him!!!

DR. PHIL wants to help Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana crazed fans! Don't let your parents find out!!!!

New Blog from the JoBros!
Hey everyone!

We wanted to write and say thanks for making A LITTLE BIT LONGER the NUMBER 1 CD in the US and Canada. We could not have done this without all of you and your support. You have made our dreams come true!!!

Also, we just found out that our last CD, JONAS BROTHERS, came back into the Top 10 at Number 10. And CAMP ROCK is still in the Top 10 at Number 8. Our label told us that *NSYNC was the last group to have 2 CDs in the Top 10 in 1999. This does not include Camp Rock.

Pretty Interesting reading below in an article we saw on Yahoo for Chart Watch!

Thanks again for everything.

Kevin, Joe and Nick

P.S. Check out the CD if you have not purchased it yet and Tell all your friends!



Here is Band In A Bus

The Camp Rock DVD is Out!

Congratulations for making the boys ALBL #1 on the charts!